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      Elizabeth Gerardi was born and raised in the Ocean State (Rhode Island). But despite her love for seaside adventures and the New England lifestyle, Elizabeth relocated to Nashville, Tennessee in 2017 to pursue her career as a Singer/Songwriter.

    She fell in love with music at a very young age, and her friends and family quickly took notice of her natural powerful vocal talent. Her dreams of performing led Elizabeth to teach herself how to play Guitar, Piano, and Ukulele. She also worked tirelessly on her songwriting.

      She channels her New England roots through her style which she considers classic, feminine, and preppy. She would prefer the closet of a Kennedy over a Kardashian, and channels a timeless look, almost never without a ribbon in her hair.  

    Since moving to Nashville, Elizabeth has primarily focused on honing her craft and creating music true to herself.


C herry.png


           New Single 'Cherry Cola' Available Now!



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