• Elizabeth Gerardi

Holy Cow!

I've driven past this barn in Franklin, Tennessee a few times and each time I am amazed by how beautiful it is. Such a classic, bright red barn, with the perfectly placed American flag, so reminiscent of Ralph Lauren catalogs. (Which is always a look I strive for!)

Last Saturday was a perfect Spring day so Christian and I decide to head to the barn ( I, in a perfectly coordinated red skirt, of course.) for a few photos to capture the Ralph Lauren esque look.

Just as we walked up, one of the workers pulled into the barn and opened the gate, and welcomed us inside the fenced area, which we were not expecting! Almost immediately after a large group of cows walked from the other side of the barn, right over to us! This was a little nerve-wracking at first, but the cows were super friendly!

I don't know too much about cows or animals in general but my thought was maybe they came over because they were attracted to my red skirt. Bulls like red which, is why red cloth is used in bull fights. And bulls and cows are somewhat similar, right?

Hopefully, we can return and visit our new friends soon!