• Elizabeth Gerardi

Rome, Italy

If Capri was the most beautiful location from our trip, Rome was the most surreal. Rome has always been my number one dream travel destination since I was a little girl. Mostly because of the Lizzie McGuire movie which came out when I was 9 years old, and I watched it way more times than I can count, and also due to my Italian heritage. Seeing such historic places like the colosseum in real life was an actual *pinch me* moment! It's always crazy seeing photos of places in history books or post cards your whole life and then finally seeing them in person, I was definitely on cloud nine this entire day.

While 9-year-old me was singing "What Dreams are Made of" in my head all day, adult-me was just as excited imagining my style icon and role model walking these streets. I made it a necessity to get gelato at Giolitti; where Audrey Hepburn got gelato in Roman Holiday! The smile on my face in the above photo truly shows my genuine excitement for the moment. (As well as how delicious the gelato was! The best of the trip!)

About to make a wish in the Trevi Fountain.

Okay, so the gelato may have been amazing, but the pasta was even better! I had never heard about 'cacao e pepe' until I started preparing for this trip and reading travel guides, but it is a classic Roman pasta dish. We ate at Roma Spirit who makes a world famous cacio e pepe that comes in a cheese bowl!